We founded Brucci’s Pizza behind the lifetime experience of a family that believes in “Down Home Simple Italian”. But, what once was “simple” is now uncommon. Brucci’s was created with the idea that less is more. We prefer to stick to what we do best! We do not use fryers or microwaves in any of our pizzerias. All food is purchased, prepped and cooked in a clean and healthy manner.

   Our pizza is first and foremost. Dough that is made fresh daily, sauce made with the best California tomatoes, creamy Wisconsin mozzarella and a simple blend of seasoning and spices. Of coarse, we still incorporate many of the family recipes that have been passed down over the years. Menu items like our hearty Lazagna and old world, homemade meatballs have been a staple of our lineage that reaches all the way back to Calabria, Italy. Our salads are made with fresh vegetables that are delivered on a daily basis to all locations and all Brucci’s kitchens are open aired. In some of our pizzerias, we invite you to sit and watch the cooking process first hand while you dine.

We want our guests to feel good about the whole experience. Whether they come in to dine with us or get a delivery or take out. The goal is simple,

‘Easy, Casual, Fresh” – Brucci’s

Founder – Bruce Jackson